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The Orgères' rock path

  • Carte roches d orgeres

Level : quiet easy
Lasting time : 1h40
Distance : 5 km
Departure access : Pasquier place in Fleurey-sur-Ouche, next to the church
Marking : yellow
Slope : 120 m
Information : HIPAF - / hipaf,free,fr

To be avoided during hunting periods (from mid september to end of february)

Incursion into the geological and archeological past of the Burgundy. This road allows you to enjoy beautiful panoramas as well as natural curiosities. You will enjoy the natural richess of those sites.

Along this road, some interpretation pannels allow you to understand the natural elements you will meet. For example, the Sphinx, limestone cornice whose profile mentions the famous egyptian statue or also " la roche qui vire ", eroded rock in shape of a mushroom.

Topographical guide

  • 1. Departure from the Pasquier's place in Fleurey-sur-Ouche, next to the church. Take towards east, the Roches d'Orgères street, continue towards Velars-sur-Ouche.
  • 2. Walk at the food of the rocks and then in front of the préhistorical shelter of the windmill. After the wastewater treatment plant, continue straight ahead during 1 km.
  • 3. Take the road which is climbing, at the level of a big curved walnut tree towards another shelter under rock : the Sphinx of the Côte d'Or. Admire its profile. Follow the cliff foot towards the right on 35 meters. Go up to the shelf using a kind of a natural stairs.
  • 4. Turn left towards west and follow the marked road.
  • 5. On arrival on the rural road, take right on 200 meters. Leave this road to go left and then to the right to follow the stone road which is dominating the Beuchail comb. Reach the " Rock which turns ".
  • 6. Go through the comb in order to leave again on left on the other side. 450 m further, opposite to the pre-historical gravestone, turn right.
  • 7. Go above the Orgères Rock and go down back on the way to Velars-sur-Ouche. Reach the departure point.

The rock that turns !

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