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D'Artagnan's road !

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The famous d'Artagnan road goes through the Ouche and Montagne territory across the villages of Pasques, Fleurey-sur-Ouche et Velars-sur-Ouche. Come to cross our territory riding a horse, hitch riding, walking or by bicyle following this famous itinerary !

What is the d'Artagnan road ?

This is the first european horseback itinerary. You can ride a horse to go through this road but also in harnessing, by walk or by bicyle. Undertake an epic on the ways travelled by d'Artagnan and the King's Musketeers. From Lupiac in Gascogne (France), birthplace of this emblematic character, to Maastricht (The Netherlands) where he got dead, walk on his traces and let you carry by this adventure !
Behind the d'Artagnan european road, some members and structures get buzy in order to create the first european equestrian itinerary (also for walkers and mountains bikers), mixing nature and heritage. Their volunteer is to propose a touristic offer lightening rural territories and worthing the local and economical tissu.

The Musketeers booklet

This booklet is to be carried with you on the road and has to be stamped at each of your stops to justify the kilometers travelled. Get the " Dartagnane ", the diploma delivered to those of you who will arrive to the birthplace of deathplace of the d'Artagnan couple. It rewards the trekkers who have travelled at least 100 km on the road.
Get the distinction " bronze, silver, gold Musketeer " which rewards the trekkers who travelled 400 km, 800 km or the whole of one of the 6 d'Artagnan roads.

The six roads

Let's discover the cultural wealths of Europe across 6 international thematic roads in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Below are the six thematic itineraries

  • The royal road, in the service of Louis XIV king,

  • The Miss d'Artagnan road, on the footprint of Miss d'Artagnan,

  • The Cardinals road, on the marks of Richelieu and Mazarin,

  • The Musketeers road, from Gascogne to Bearn going through Navarre,

  • The Infanta road, to reach the pheasants' road,
  • The Pinerolo road, to look after Fouquet arrested by d'Artagnan in Nantes

The accomodations

The " d'Artagnan road step " label, awarded to accomodations, is granting you services adapted to your equestrian trekkers needs. The providers belonging to this network are located less than 5 km from the d'Artagnan road and are granting you adapted services to the equestrian practice.

The trekker charter

Achieved in 2008 by the Equestrian national comittee tourism, this charter highlights the big principles than the leaders and outside horsemen have to take into account to trekk in a safe way, by respecting their horses, the environment and others users of the paths.

La Route d'Artagnan en Ouche et Montagne

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