Between Armançon and Ozerain

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Distance : 62 km
Lasting time : 5h10
Slope : 840 m
Departure : Vitteaux

In Vitteaux, you have to see the turism office courtyard, the tower of the 8th May place, the halls, the Belime's house, the Ferrand's hotel and the famous hippodrome with its races during summer. Then, direction Saint-Thibault : here, the church with its surprising architecture will catch your eyes ...

Few climbs by small pastoral roads will let you discover the beautiful landscapes of the Auxois ....

You will arrive in Grosbois-en-Monatgne where you will see the dam on the Brenne supplying the canal of Burgundy.

Then, you will go up to the highest point of Sombernon with its shops and its beautiful view on the Remilly's valley and the Mont Afrique. Sombernon is located on a watershed between the Seine and the Saône.

Few hilliness and downhills further, you will go through the beautiful small river Ozerain in Villy-en-Auxois where the remains of a chapel could justify a break.

A last climb will drive you on the top of the Justice hill and a beautiful downhill will allow you to break some speed records arriving in Vitteaux !

Do not miss in Vitteaux

  • the turism office courtyard,
  • the octogonal tower,
  • the halls,
  • the Ferrand hôtel,
  • the Bélime's house,
  • the hippordome

Do not miss in Saint-Thibault

  • the church

Do not miss in Grosbois-en-Montagne

  • the dam

Do not miss in Sombernon

  • the point of view close to the church

Do not miss in Villy-en-Auxois

  • the remains of the chapel
  • the Saint-Martin's church


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