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The pierced hollow in Pasques

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The pierced hollow - Pasques

Level : difficult
Lasting time : 3 hours 30

Distance : 10 km

The pierced hollow is a cone shaped collapse abyss of around 60 m deep and with a circumference going from 35 m to 25 m at the surface. It is located on the territory of Pasques at 1.3 km in the north of the village at the upstream end of the Vaux de Roche comb, well known by the botanists.

This hollow is before all well known by the speleologists. Its exploration started in the XIX th century. This place has been for a long time a natural " cooler " place with negative temperatures in the bottom even during summer time. The arrangement of tunnels by humans and by the climate warming have caused the disappearance of any ice track.

If you wish to discover this natural curiosity, please take caution : we advice you to inform the city hall of Pasques or the gendarmerie.

Informations : Pasques city hall, Place l'Ormeau /


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