The Leuzeu

Le Leuzeu

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A heritage adventure ...

This magical and protected site called " the Leuzeu " is a Natura zone 2000 which is crossed by a small stream on the land of Fleurey-sur-Ouche. It is lost in the mountain at equal distance of the following villages : Clémencey, Flavignerot, Urcy and Velars-sur-Ouche.

Before all, this is a place full of history ...

First of all, old monastic barn in the XIIIth century, it becomes a domain of the Burgundy Dukes in the XIV and XV centuries. Then, a nice fortified manor is built in the middle of the XVIIth century, center of a seigneury until the Revolution. It is also a high place of the resistance where a violent fight took place in July 1944 between resistants and Vichy militia.

Fallen into ruin since 1930, the remains of the fortified manor are being renovated by an association " the Friends of the Leuzeu valley " who became owner of the domain in 2010.

Today, it is over all a famous place of trekking with many possible circuits described in " the Leuzeu notebook " published by the association.

This huge maintained and equiped space offers two big tables and benches, two small spaces in the valley for picnic, an awning and an old barn to shelter.

For fans of History, it exists a small publication (80 pages), very well illustrated, called " The cahier du Leuzeu n°7 " and devoted to this place history. It can be ordered to the association or bought to the " tabac presse " or to the " pasta shop Pâtes and Potes " in Fleurey-sur-Ouche.


  •  ©Les Amis Du Val De Leuzeu

    ©Les Amis Du Val De Leuzeu

  •  ©Les Amis Du Val De Leuzeu

    ©Les Amis Du Val De Leuzeu

  •  ©Les Amis Du Val De Leuzeu

    ©Les Amis Du Val De Leuzeu


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