Mâlain's path

  • Carte du parcours du sentier du Mâlain

Level : easy
Lasting time : 2 hours
Distance : 6 km
Marking : yellow
Slope : 610 m
Departure access : parking in front of the church of Mâlain

To be avoided during hunting periods.

This itinerary offers a marked visit across the charming village of Mâlain, its town and its gallo-roman villas, its middle age castle and its houses from the XVIII and IXI centuries, typical from the Sombernonnais rural habitat. You will also discover another dimension of the local heritage : the witchcraft ! In Mâlain, many legends are linked to the place with a predilection for the " Hell master " as the " devil hole " demonstrates it under the castle. A hole which is finally not so deep and which would have been a shelter for the first inhabitants of the site according to the discovered vestiges.

Mâlain's castle
Hung since the XIIth century on the south side of an isolated rock, separated from the Mâlain's rift, this one was occupating an ideal strategical position. 150 m below, you could see the village. If it is widely extended today, its oldest part located south of the castle kept a middle age building characteristic we can find regarding the habitations' shape or the outline of some windows.

The " harvesting magical itinerary " invites you to discover in antoher way the heritage of Mâlain. Equipped with a backpack you can rent for the day, you will achieve leisure activities from leisure cards and small material : game on the countryside, search of medical plants, ...

You can rent the furnished backpack at the Turism Office in Pont-de-Pany. Do not hesitate to reach the Turism Office in order to rent one : office.tourisme,ouche-montagne,fr

  • 1. Departure in front of the church. Take towards west direction, the Maurice Béné street on 200 meters. Admire on your left the Sugier domain (private) with its roman colons from the 2nd century. At the end of the street, turn right.
  • 2. Walk on 200 meters and take the pathway on your left.
  • 3. At the end of the way, take right the rural way going down on 500 m until the village, then turn once more to the right. Pay attention to the wash-house. Take the first street on the left during 250 m and then turn left. Leave the road, turn on the right to enter the castle's parking.
  • 4. Take the way leading you to the middle age castle hung on a rock which is dominating the village from its impressive ruins. At the foot of the castle, take the sloping way on your left. Down to the way, take right. At the crossroad, do not take the departemantal road but carry on straight.
  • 5. At the end of the street, take left, go through the bridge, then at the crossroad, take the paradis'street.
  • 6. Leave the road in order to follow the rocky way on the left.
  • 7. At the end of the way, take right in order to reach the paradis' street.
  • 8. Go once more through the bridge and take the second street on the right, then reach the bridge from the departure.


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